The Army Medical Department
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1816

Malta Garrison 1816

Effective Strength Malta Garrison 25 Jan 1816
Col –
Surg Assist
Sgt Drm Rank
& File
130 3 5 5 7 260 86 5870
Returns of the Adjutant General's Office showing the Effective Strength of the Garrison including Colonial Corps, Artillery and Engineers.

Francesco Buttigieg

Dr Francesco Buttigieg was Lecturer in Midwifery in the Female Hospital Valletta on a monthly salary of 35 scudi. The scudo was equivalent to 1 shilling 8 pence.


The Ospizio, as seen from Floriana Barracks, housed the infirm poor, lunatics, prostitutes, and foundlings .

Shortly before 1816, Sir Thomas Maitland moved the Ospizio a short distance from the stores, known as the Floriana Barracks, to the former powder mill of the Order of St John, so as to make room for the military. Conditions were insanitary as the building was partially underground.

Dress Regulations – Medical Staff

Memorandum Horse Guards dated 20 Dec 1816: The General Hospital Staff are to wear:

  • A scarlet coat, single breasted, without epaulettes. These were only restored to the Medical Staff in February 1830. No sash was to be worn.
  • A cocked plain hat with black silk, button and loop but no feathers.
  • White breeches or white pantaloons for dress uniform.
  • A blue or grey overalls for undress uniform.
  • A sword worn under the coat and knot as worn by infantry officers.
  • White leather gloves.
  • A grey or blue great coat.