Of the Malta Garrison
De Roll's

De Roll's Regiment

De Roll's Swiss Regiment of infantry was raised in 1794 by Louis Baron de Roll de Emenholz. It consisted predominantly of Swiss and German soldiers. It was placed on the British establishment in 1802.

De Roll's Regiment fought under Sir Ralph Abercrombie in the Egyptian Campaign of 1801. At the Battle of Alexandria (March 1801) the French were defeated, but Abercrombie was killed. His remains were brought to Malta and interred in Fort St Elmo Valletta. De Roll's Regiment was granted the Battle Honour Egypt (1801) and permitted to bear the Sphinx on its Colours. It served in Sicily and took part in the capture of the Ionian Islands (1810).

The regimental surgeon was J. A. Romheld (appointed surgeon on 22 December 1804). The two assistant surgeons were Assistant Surgeon Wilhelm Heyn (appointed 22 December 1804) and Assistant Surgeon Frederick Herring (appointed 3 July 1806).

De Roll's Regiment was disbanded in Corfu in 1815.

De Roll's Regiment

1803 De Roll

1804 De Roll

1813 De Roll

In May 1813, a part of De Roll's Regiment arrived at Malta. The men occupied Floriana Barracks.

25 May 1813 Field officers present: 12; Captains present: 1; Subalterns present: 6; Rank and File (Effective): 314.

29 June Plague appeared in the detachment of De Roll, infecting 12 and killing five, before spreading to the 44th Foot.

25 Aug Rank and File (Effective): 308; Rank and File.

1814 De Roll

1814 Strength 305 men. No medical Officers recorded in Malta.

1815 De Roll

1815 Strength 273 men. No medical officers attached.

1816 De Roll

18 Feb 1816 Detachment of De Roll's consisting of 170 men embarked for Zante.