Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Michael Fogerty
1792 – 1844

Hospital Mate Michael Fogerty

29 Sep 1792 – 2 Aug 1844 [London]

Service Record

4 Sep 1811 Hospital Mate.
Was apprenticed to a near relative in County Tipperary who taught him anatomy and surgery. Worked in his relative's dispensary before continuing his studies in Dublin1.

Malta 12 Sep 1811 Arrived in Malta.

Malta 1812 Hospital Mate detached to Boschetto.

Malta 1813 On duty at Gozo.

Malta 11 Mar 1813 Assistant Surgeon Sicilian Regiment.

Malta 1814 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1815 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 18 Aug 1816 Reduced to half-pay on disbandment of the Royal Sicilian Regiment.

Malta 25 Aug 1816 Assistant Surgeon 2nd West India Regiment, by exchange.

Malta 10 Sep 1816 Left Malta.

30 Dec 1819 Assistant Surgeon 19th Dragoons.

4 Mar 1824 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

27 Jan 1832 Appointed Surgeon 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment vice Edward Owen, who died in Jamaica 13 Nov 1831.

7 Apr 1837 Exchanged with Surgeon John Chambers 64th (2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

22 Apr 1842 Surgeon St Helena Regiment through exchange with Surgeon William Smith.

7 Apr 1843 Retired on half-pay. His record of professional education was annotated as "being perfectly useless". He was unmarried, but had two mistresses, one in Jamaica and the other in Nottinghamshire, and an illegitimate daughter.1 The vacancy in St Helena Regt was filled by the promotion of Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class John Wardrop Moore.