Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Tiffin Iliff
1779 – 1830

Hospital Mate William Tiffin Iliff

c.1779 – 12 Oct 1830 [Malta]

Service Record

29 Oct 1800 Hospital Mate.

Malta Nov 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

Malta 1802 On garrison duty.

Malta 1803 On garrison duty.

Malta 1804 On garrison duty.

Malta 1805 On garrison duty.

Malta 1806 On garrison duty.

Malta 1807 On garrison duty.

In his Observations on the climate, manners, and amusements of Malta London 1810, Physician to the Forces Domeier William, warns invalids arriving at Malta for a change of air that there are no English nor any other foreign physicians, but only army surgeons of whom some profess midwifery, in which branch the hospital mate Mr Iliff William Tiffin has the greatest practice and deserves the confidence he enjoys.1

Malta 1808 On garrison duty.

Malta 1809 On garrison duty.

Malta July 1810 On garrison duty.

Malta 31 Oct 1811 Promoted Apothecary to the Forces vice Hodson John who embarked for Mauritius.

Malta 1812 In charge of the Depot at Malta.

Had a son William Henry who died on 19th January 1898, at Birkirkara, aged 86 years.

Malta 1813 In charge of the Depot at Malta.

To dispel the general disbelief of the existence of plague in Malta, Ralph Green, Joseph Thomas, and Apothecary to the Forces William T Iliff published a proclamation affirming that we the medical officers of the hospital staff in malta who have seen and assisted in the examination of the bodies of several individuals who have died in the lazaretto and in the city of Valletta some of whom we saw during their illness certify that no doubt exists in our mind that those individuals notified in all the bulletins published since the 7 May as having died of plague, did die of real and malignant plague.

Malta 1814 On garrison duty.

Malta 1815 On garrison duty.

Malta 1816 On garrison duty.

Malta 1817 On garrison duty.

Malta 1818 In charge of the depot at Malta.

Malta 1819 In charge of the depot at Malta.

Malta June 1820 Promoted to Staff Surgeon.

Malta 1821 On garrison duty.

Malta Jan-Mar 1822 Officer in charge of the depot at Malta on a daily rate of pay of 9s 6d.

Malta 25 Mar 1822 Retired to half-pay.

12 Oct 1830 Died at Malta aged 51 years, and was buried at Msida Bastion Cemetery.