The Army Medical Department
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1817

Malta Garrison 1817

Effective Strength Malta Garrison 25 Jan 1817
Col –
Surg Assist
Sgt Drm Rank
& File
93 3 3 3 4 152 78 2441
Returns of the Adjutant General's Office showing the Effective Strength of the Garrison including Colonial Corps, Artillery and Engineers.

Naval Medical Department

Up to 1806, the Medical Department of the Navy was the responsibility of the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded Seamen, commonly called the Sick and Hurt Board.

In that year it was taken over by the Medical Committee of the Transport Board and in 1817, by the Medical Committee of the Victualling Board. On the abolition of that body in 1832, it passed to the Department of the Physician of the Navy within the Admiralty.

In 1835, that official was renamed Physician General, but in 1834 the name changed to Inspector General of Naval Hospitals and Fleets. In 1844, he became known as Medical Director General.

Assistant Surgeons

In 1817, infantry regiments lost their second assistant surgeon, leaving the regimental establishment with one surgeon and one assistant surgeon.