Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Andrew Knox
1834 – 1899

No 512 Surgeon Andrew Knox Rickards (MRCS Eng 1855)

27 Mar 1834 [Moville Co. Donegal] – 7 Nov 1899 [Southsea]

Surgeon Major Andrew Knox Rickards qualified MRCS in 1855 and soon after entered the Army Medical Department as an assistant surgeon. He served in the Crimea with the 16th Dragoons.

He retired from the Army Medical Department in May 1876. After his retirement from the army he took an active interest in the Volunteers, and became Surgeon-Major of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion Hampshire Regiment.

Service Record

24 Apr 1855 Appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon.

24 Apr 1855 Assistant Surgeon the 16th D. Served with 16th Light Dragoons in the Crimean War.

6 Aug 1861 From 16th Dragoons became Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Robert Austen Allen appointed to the 71st Foot.

28 Jan 1862 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 10 Bde Royal Artillery, vice Assistant Surgeon George Sharp who resigned his commission. The subsequent vacancy on the Staff was filled through the recall from half-pay of Staff Assistant Surgeon Patrick Quinlan.

29 Apr 1863 To Andrew Knox and Laura a birth of a son baptised on 7 June, at St Thomas Anglican Church, St John's Newfoundland.

8 Apr 1864 Birth of a daughter Laura Jeanette. Baptised 29 May at St Thomas Anglican Church, St John's Newfoundland.

27 Mar 1866 Birth of a daughter Beatrice Annie. Baptised 3 June at St Thomas Anglican Church, St John's Newfoundland.

Malta 7 Aug 1867 Arrived from North America.

2 Sep 1868 From the Royal Artillery promoted Staff Surgeon on the death of Staff Surgeon Thomas McSheehy on 21 June 1868. The vacancy left in the Royal Artillery on the promotion of Assistant Surgeon A K Rickards to the Staff was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Richard John William Orton.

Malta 2 Sep 1868 Exchanged with Surgeon Charles William Woodroffe 87th (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

24 Sep 1868 To England on private leave.

30 Nov 1868 Returned to Malta.

Malta 21 May 1869 Returned to England.

30 June 1869 Listed as absent without leave.

31 July 1869 Surgeon 7 Dragoon Guards. Remained their medical officer until 1874 when he transferred to the Staff at Portsmouth.

1874 – 1876 Served at Portsmouth.

24 Apr 1875 Became Surgeon Major.

3 May 1876 Reduced to half-pay.
In retirement became Surgeon-Major of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion Hampshire Regiment.

3 Nov 1877 Commuted his half-pay.

2 Mar 1889 Acting Surgeon A K Rickards was appointed Surgeon, ranking as Captain, 3rd Volunteer Battalion Hampshire Regiment (late the 3rd Hampshire).

June 1894 Resigned his commission in the 3rd Duke of Connaught's Own Volunteer Battalion The Hampshire Regiment (late the 3rd Hampshires) with permission to retain his rank and uniform.

7 Nov 1899 Died at Southsea aged 65 years.