RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Richard John
William Orton
1832 – 1888

679 Brigade Surgeon Richard John William Orton

LRCS (Ed 1857) LRCP (Ed 1859) LM (Ed 1857) MRCP (Ed 1879)

19 May 1832 [Upwell Isle of Ely] – 20 Mar 1888 [Newcastle]

Brigade Surgeon Richard John William Orton took part in the Eastern Campaign against Russia of 1854–1856. He was present at the siege of Sebastopol and received the Crimea Medal with clasp and the Turkish Medal. He also took part in the China Expedition of 1860 and was present at the capture of the Taku Forts (medal with clasp).

Brigade Surgeon Richard John William Orton died on 20 March 1888, aged 56 years.

Service Record

R J W Orton
Richard John William Orton
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos – courtesy AMS Archives)

23 Feb 1855–12 Sept 1855 Served on the Medical Staff.

25 May 1858 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1858–1859 On duty in Belfast.

1860#8211;1862 Served in China.

1863 On duty at Aldershot.

5 May 1863 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 76th Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon Duncan Alexander Campbell Fraser promoted to Staff.

1 May 1867 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Arthur Edwin Temple Longhurst promoted to the Staff. On duty at Netley.

1868 On duty at Preston.

2 Sep 1868 Assistant Surgeon 10th Bde Royal Artillery.

12 Oct 1868 On duty with his regiment.

1869 On duty with his regiment.

1870 On duty with his regiment.

1871 On duty with his regiment.

1872 On duty with his regiment.

1 Apr 1873 Appointed Surgeon–Major. Moved from 10th Royal Artillery to the Medical Staff Malta.

25 Oct 1873 Left for England.

1874 On duty in Guernsey.

1875–1877 On duty in Aldershot.

June 1877 Surgeon Major William James Wilson assumed medical charge of the 1st Station Hospital Aldershot during the absence on leave of Surgeon Major R J W Orton.

18 June 1878 Reduced to half-pay.

18 June 1880 Restored to full-pay with the rank of Surgeon Major. Posted to Shorncliffe.

1880–1881 On duty in the West Indies.

27 June 1881 Placed on retired pay with the honorary rank of Brigade–Surgeon.

20 Mar 1888 Died at Newcastle, Staffordshire, aged 56 years.