Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Domeier William
1763 – 1815

Physician Domeier William MD (Gottingen 1784)

1763 [Hanover] – 1815

Service Record

16 July 1803 Physician to the Foreign Forces.

Malta Apr 1806 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 1807 At Malta.

Malta June 1808 Left Malta.

25 Apr 1809 Placed on half pay.

In his "Observations on the climate, manners, and amusements of Malta" published in London 1810, Domeier informs invalids, who intended to travel for a change of air to Malta, that no English nor any other foreign physicians were to be found on the island, but only army surgeons of whom some profess midwifery in which branch the hospital mate Mr Iliff William Tiffin has the greatest practice and deserves the confidence he enjoys.

Author: Observations on the climate, manners and amusements of Malta. Lond 1810.