Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Ferguson
1832 – 1876

No 429 Surgeon Major William Ferguson LRCS (Ed 1854)

8 Jan 1832 [Dublin] – 19 Apr 1876 [Penang]

Surgeon Major William Ferguson qualified LRCS from Edinburgh in 1854. He entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 22 September 1854.

Service Record

22 Sep 1854 Acting Assistant Surgeon.

24 Nov 1854 Acting Assistant Surgeon William Ferguson was appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Andrew Knox Drysdale who was promoted Assistant Surgeon on the resignation of Assistant Surgeon Thomas Miller 79th Foot.

1855 On duty in Walmer, Kent.

23 Oct 1855 Assistant Surgeon 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 28 May 1856 Arrived from Turkey and the Crimea.

11 Aug 1856 Left for England on a certificate from a Medical Board.

4 Dec 1856 Returned from Queenstown.

Malta 1857 At Verdala Barracks, Cottonera.

Malta 10 May 1858 Left for the East Indies.

26 Oct 1860 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1861 On duty in Limerick Co. Limerick.

1862 On duty in Canada.

8 July 1862 Assistant Surgeon Royal Engineers.

Malta 13 Sep 1864 Arrived from England.

Malta 1865 On garrison duty.

Malta 24 Dec 1866 Death of his daughter, Ella, aged 1 year and 7 months.

9 Mar 1867 Promoted Staff Surgeon from the Royal Engineers vice Surgeon Major Alexander Barclay who became Deputy Surgeon General.

Malta 13 June 1867 To England on leave.

17 Sep 1867 Returned to Malta.

11 Apr 1868 Surgeon 106th Bombay Light Infantry Regiment vice Surgeon James Crerar appointed to the Staff. The vacancy of Staff Surgeon created by the move of William Ferguson was filled by Assistant Surgeon Bradford Stiles from 40th Foot.

Malta 7 June 1868 Left for Bengal.

22 Oct 1870 Staff Surgeon.

1871 On duty in Curragh, Ireland.

1872–1873 On duty in Jamaica.

26 Sept 1873 Reduced to half-pay.

27 Oct 1874 Appointed Surgeon Major from half-pay vice Surgeon Major Patrick Andrew McDermott who retired on temporary half-pay on 31 August 1874.

30 Oct 1874 Restored to full-pay and posted to Edinburgh.

1875 On duty in Hong Kong.

1875–1876 On duty in Singapore.

19 Apr 1876 Died at Penang.