Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Tobin
1789 – 1864

Hospital Mate John Tobin MD (St And 1820)

1789 – 17 Feb 1864 [Brussels]

Service Record

7 Dec 1809 Appointed Hospital Mate for General Service.

7 Dec 1809 – 28 May 1810 On duty in England.

29 May 1810 – Apr 1811 Served in Sicily, Gibraltar, and Malta. He arrived in Sicily on 29 June 1810.

Malta Feb 1811 Arrived in Malta.

Apr 1811 Left for UK with invalids.
Hospital Mates who accompanied the invalids from overseas stations back to England were held accountable for the bedding placed on board the transports for the comfort of the sick. The Mates had to deliver the bedding to the proper office at the place where the invalids were disembarked, and had to furnish a return, and strictly account for the whole of the bedding.

Malta August 1811 Returned to Malta.

Malta 19 Dec 1811 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 50th (West Kent) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 1812 Left Malta.

Apr 1812 – Jan 1813 On duty in England.

Jan 1813 – July 1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

July 1814 – 12 Dec 1819 On duty in England.

1 Jan 1818 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 9th Lancers.

13 Dec 1819 Retired to half-pay 9th Dragoons.