Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edward Hollier
1790 – 1863

Hospital Assistant Edward Hollier

14 Apr 1790 – 18 Mar 1863 [Hammersmith]

Service Record

18 June 1812 Appointed Hospital Assistant.

18 June – July 1812 On duty in England.

July 1812 – June 1814 Served in Sicily, Malta and Genoa.

Malta Aug 1813 Arrived from Sicily when he volunteered his services for plague duty in Malta.

Malta Sep 1813 Relieved Hospital Mate Miles Jeremiah Henry at the Military Pest Hospital Floriana.

He took up his duties at the Military Hospital Valletta, after completing quarantine for a month at the Lazaretto.

7 Oct 1813 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot.

Thanked by the senior medical officer for his services at the regimental HQ during the absence of Surgeon John MacKesy 62nd Foot.

Malta Feb 1814 Left to join Lord William Bentinck's expedition to Italy.

Returned to Malta on 11 March 1814, as the Board of Health in Sicily would not allow him to perform quarantine there.

June 1814 – 24 June 1817 On duty in Nova Scotia North America where he was reduced to half-pay.

25 June – 24 Sep 1817 On half-pay Nova Scotia.

25 Sep 1817 Appointed Assistant Surgeon the 19th Dragoons.

25 Sep 1817 – 11 Mar 1818 On duty in England.

12 Mar 1818 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot.

12 Mar 1818 – 24 Aug 1819 On duty in Nova Scotia Cape Breton Island.

25 Aug 1819 – 8 Dec 1831 Reduced to half-pay at Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia.

9 Dec 1831 Recalled from half-pay 62nd Foot and appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

9 Dec 1831 – 22 Mar 1832 On duty in England.

23 Mar 1832 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon James Taylor Hurst and went on the half-pay 37th Regiment of Foot.