Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Clement Bancks
? – 1816

Hospital Mate Clement Bancks

? – 16 Oct 1816 [London]

Service Record

13 June 1800 Hospital Mate.

Malta Oct 1801 Arrived in Malta.

Malta Apr 1802 Hospital Mate at the Military Hospital Valletta.

Malta 1803 Hospital Mate.

Malta 14 Sep 1803 Surgeon attached to the 2nd/Maltese Provincials.

Malta 1 June 1804 Acting Apothecary.

Malta 1805 Acting Apothecary.

Malta 16 Apr 1805 Assistant Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta. Held his appointment in the regiment since 16 April 1805, but took up his position in June.

25 July 1805 I have the Secretary at War direction to refer for your favourable consideration an extract of a letter from General Villettes to Dr Colsosoon relative to Hospital Mate Banks and Surgeon Camilleri J of the Provincial Battalion, being recommended as assistant surgeon to the Royal Regiment of Malta1.

12 Aug 1805 Moore to Gordon War Office letter dated 12 Aug 1805: The letter from Maj Gen W. A. Villettes relative the appointment of Hospital Mate Clement Bancks and Mr Camilleri J. as assistant surgeons to the Royal Regiment of Malta, having been referred to the Army Medical Department, I have the Secretary-at-War direction to transmit for the information of HRH The Commander-in-Chief the enclosed letter from the Surgeon General stating that there are no objections on his part to the appointment in question taking place, Mr J Camilleri, of the Provincial Battalion, being the second assistant surgeon.

24 Aug 1805 HM having signified his pleasure that commissions be presented to him for the following gentlemen to be officers: Royal Regiment of Malta commanded by Major General William Anne Villettes, Hospital Mate Clement Banks to be Assistant surgeon 16 April 1805.2

Malta 5 June 1806 Surgeon The Royal Regiment of Malta.

Malta 10 Nov 1807 Left for Sicily with his regiment.

4 Oct 1807–11 Feb 1808 At Anacapri acted as messenger to Hudson Lowe. Captured by the French when the Royal Regiment of Malta was overwhelmed by superior forces in the reconquest of Capri.

1809 POW Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta.

1810 POW Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta.

Malta 26 Apr 1811 Discharged to half-pay, on disbandment of The Royal Regiment of Malta.

25 May 1814 Retired from RRM.

19 Jan 1815 Surgeon 2nd/69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot by exchange from half-pay.

18 June 1815 Served at Waterloo with 2nd/69th Foot. Part of the Third Division (Lt Gen Baron Alten), 5th Bde (Maj Gen Sir Colin Halkett). 5th Bde consisted of: 2nd/30th Foot, 2nd/33rd Foot, 2nd/69th Foot, 2nd/73rd Foot.

7 Sep 1815 Staff Surgeon.