Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Griffith Jones
1782 – ?

Assistant Surgeon Griffith Jones

2 Feb 1782 – ?

Service Record

15 Oct 1800–12 July 1802 Regimental Mate Fencible Regiment.

20 Aug 1803 Assistant Surgeon 44th> (East Essex) Regiment of Foot.

July 1805 Arrived at Malta on Sir James Craig's Expedition to Naples.

1806 Assistant Surgeon 44th Foot.

1807 Assistant Surgeon 44th Foot.

1808 Assistant Surgeon 44th Foot.

28 Mar 1811 Surgeon Sicilian Regiment vice Henry Duncan Goodsir appointed to the 89th Foot.

Dec 1811 Joined his Regiment.

5 Nov 1812 Surgeon 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot.
Transferred from the Sicilian Regiment.

1813 Surgeon 44th Foot.

10 June 1824 Surgeon 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot (By exchange).

19 Nov 1830 Promoted Staff Surgeon vice Duncan McDiarmid who died in Oct 1830.

9 Dec 1836 Assistant Inspector of Hospitals.

21 July 1839 Retired upon half-pay. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Staff Surgeon Charles St John, promoted Assistant Inspector of Hospitals, with local and temporary rank at Mauritius, vice Jones.