Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Alexander Ferrier
1839 – 1928

Assistant Surgeon Alexander Ferrier Churchill

MB (Trinity College Dubl 1861)

14 June 1839 [Dublin] – 10 Oct 1928 [Brentwood Essex]

Service Record

31 Mar 1862 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

17 Nov 1863 Assistant Surgeon 109th (Bombay Infantry) Regiment, one of the East India Company's European regiments, which had just been taken over by the Crown, after the Mutiny.

These were: John Barlow Hannah and William Pile (101st 1st/Royal Munster Fusiliers), William James Tyrrell and Gough Ashton (102nd 1st/Royal Dublin Fusiliers), John Edward Fannin and Richard Hall (103rd 2nd/Royal Dublin Fusiliers), Emil Becher and Thomas Parker Smith (104th 2nd/Royal Munster Fusiliers), Thomas Ceil Morgan and John Langdon (105th 2nd/Yorkshire Light Infantry), Samuel Flood and William Folliott (106th 2nd/Durham Light Infantry), John Ross Murray and John Dustan (107th 2nd/Royal Sussex), Thomas Dodd Milburn and Ignatius McDonogh O’Farrell (108th 2nd/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers), Alexander Ferrier Churchill and Nicol Carter (109th 2nd/Leinster).

13 Feb 1866 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

22 May 1866 Assistant Surgeon 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 12 June 1867 Arrived from England.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

Malta 22 June 1868 Returned to England.

Malta 7 Mar 1869 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1 Sep 1869 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Malta 14 Sep 1869 Returned to England.

28 Apr 1876 Promoted Surgeon–Major.
In medical charge of the Hospital for Women and Children at South Camp, Aldershot.

7 Dec 1882–15 Sep 1885 Served in Egypt.
Was praised for his good service with the Nile Expedition.

1884–1885 Served in the Nile Expedition, where he was in charge of the hospital at Wady Halfa.

21 June 1887 Was promoted Brigade–Surgeon, vice Brigade–Surgeon R. W. Clifton promoted Deputy Surgeon–General.

27 Oct 1892 Surgeon-Colonel.

7 May 1896 Surgeon-Major General.

14 June 1899 Retired.