Of the Malta Garrison
Fusilier Guards

The 1st/Scots Fusilier Guards

The Scots Regiment of Foot Guards was raised by Charles II in 1661. It was placed on the English establishment in 1686 as the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards.

It became a Fusilier Guard Regiment in 1831, but dropped the Fusilier from its name in 1877.

The 1st/Scots Fusilier Guards

1854 Scots Fusilier Guards

28 Feb 1854 The Scots Fusilier Guards embarked at Southampton on the Simoon.

14 Mar The Simoon landed the Guards who were quartered at the Lazaretto on Manoel Island.

Strength: 928 men and 25 females.

24 Apr Embarked at Malta on the Kangaroo. They arrived at Scutari on 29 April, and embarked for Varna on 13 June 1854.

1855 – Scots Fusilier Guards

Burials in 1855: