Of the Malta Garrison
The 7th
King's German Legion

The 7th/King's German Legion

KGL memorial
Monument to the KGL who fell at Waterloo on 18 June 1815 defending La Haie Sainte.

The King's German Legion was formed in 1803 from officers and men of the disbanded Hanoverian Army. On 5 July 1803, the French occupied Hanover. King George III of England and Hanover authorised the discharged men of the Hanoverian Army to be incorporated in two units, the King's German Regiment and the Foreign Corps, which on 19 December 1803 were merged to form the King's German Legion.

The King's German Legion fought in the Peninsular War and defended the farm complex of La Haie Sainte at Waterloo.

In February 1816, following the fall of Napoleon and the liberation of Hanover the King's German Legion was re-integrated into the Hanoverian Army.

The 7th/King's German Legion

1811 – King's German Legion

6 Oct 1811 Downing Street to GOC Malta The 7th Battalion Kings German Legion is now embarking and will proceed to Malta when it will form part of the garrison. When they arrive the Regiment of De Meuron is to be embarked for Sicily.1

1812 King's German Legion

1 Apr 1812 743 men of the King's German Legion arrived at Malta. They occupied Fort Ricasoli.

7 June The King's German Legion was placed under orders to embark for Sicily. It was initially ordered to form part of the Malta Garrison vice De Meuron's but left Malta on 7 July 1812 for Sicily.