Of the Malta Garrison
1st/Coldstream Guards

The 1st/Coldstream Guards

The Coldstream Guards was formed as part of the Commonwealth New Model Army on 23 August 1650 at Coldstream. It is the oldest regiment of Foot Guards. To sever the regiment's connection with the New Model a ceremony was held at Tower Hill London on 14 February 1661, where they laid down their arms as a sign of disbandment and immediately took them up again as an Extraordinary Guard to His Royal Person.

The 1st/Coldstream Guards (Expeditionary Force).


22 Feb 1854 Embarked at Southampton on the Orinoco.

5 Mar Landed at Malta as part of the army for the Crimea. It had 864 men fit for duty. Three companies were quartered at the Lazaretto, four companies at Fort Manoel, and one company at Fort Tigne.

24 Apr 1854 Left Malta on the Vulcan. It arrived at Scutari on 29 April and embarked for Varna on 13 June.

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