Of the Malta Garrison
50th (The Queen's Own)

The 50th (The Queen's Own) Regiment

50th Queen's
In the centre and within a laurel wreath bearing 20 battle honours is the Royal Crest of England directly above The Sphinx for "Egypt" (1801) and a scroll inscribed 50th Queen's Own.
(Main Guard Valletta)

The 50th Foot was raised in December 1755 as the 52nd Regiment of Foot. In 1757 it became the 50th Regiment on the disbandment of the existing 50th and 51st Regiments.

In 1782 the 50th Foot became affiliated with West Kent and the regimental title changed to The 50th (West Kent) Regiment of Foot.

On 25 September 1827 it became The 50th or the Duke of Clarence's Regiment of Foot instead of being styled The West Kent Regiment of Foot. In 1832, after the Duke acceded to the throne as William IV, the regiment was named the Queen's Own, after his consort Adelaide.

In 1881, the 50th merged with the 97th (The Earl of Ulster's) Regiment to become the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).

The 1st/50th (The Queen's Own) Regiment

1802 50th (West Kent) (Duffe's Regiment)

1 Jan 1802 Regimental Strength:

Regimental Strength Malta 1 January 1802
(Offs & WOs)
(Offs & WOs)
NCOs Fit for Duty
(Offs and Men)
35 2 75 464 54 628 712
Returns of His Majesty's Forces Malta: 1st January 1802. 50th (Duffe's)

The 1st/50th (The Queen's Own) Regiment

1854 50th (Queen's Own)

7 Mar 1854 The 50th arrived from Ireland. Lack of accommodation compelled the troops to sleep in hammocks in the sailors barracks at the dockyard.

7 Apr A detachment of 220 men left for Turkey on board the Ardent. Another detachment of 110 women, 29 men, and 23 Maltese left on the transport Giorgiana for Turkey and the Crimea.

Nov In November, the regiment had 27 officers and 885 men serving in the Crimea. On 26 Nov, cholera broke out in an epidemic form among the recruits. It proved fatal to 20 out of 33 admissions. Surgeon William Green Trousdell 50th Foot attributed the illness to exposure, wet and cold weather, with the soldiers having no means to change their clothes on their return to camp.