Of the Malta Garrison
20th Light Dragoons

The 20th Light Dragoons

The 20th Light Dragoons was raised in 1759 as the 20th Inniskilling Light Dragoons. This regiment was disbanded in 1763.

In 1802 was raised the 20th Light Dragoons, but this too was disbanded in 1818.

In 1858 was raised the 2nd Bengal European Light Cavalry, which in 1860 became the 20th Hussars.

The 20th Light Dragoons

1805 20th Light Dragoons (Heathfields Regiment)

1 July 1805 Two squadrons (4 troops) arrived at Malta. Strength: 21 Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 25 NCOs, 319 rank and file fit for duty, 365 total officers and men, 449 establishment.

3 Nov Detachments of The 20th Light Dragoons joined General Craig's Expedition to Naples.