RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Lawrence
Weekes Norrington
1872 – 1950

Major Henry Lawrence Weekes Norrington

DSO (1915)

16 Aug 1872 [Clifton Bristol] – 14 Apr 1950

Major Henry Lawrence Weekes Norrington was the son of Frederick Norrington, a chemical manufacturer, and Clara. From 1883 to 1891, he was educated at Clifton College, and University College, Bristol. He Joined Clifton Rugby Football Club and played for Gloucestershire. In 1895, he married Marion Lloyd Price in Bristol.

Service Record

28 July 1897 Surgeon–Lieutenant.

1898 Served with the Nile Expedition (1896–98).

1899 Married Ethel Victoria May Toppin, daughter of Major-General James Morris Toppin, in Calne, Wiltshire.

28 July 1900 Captain. Served in India.

4 May 1900 Birth of a son Guy Stanley.

28 Jan 1909 Major.

4 Mar 1911 Embarked from England.

22 May 1912 Home leave.

11 Aug 1912 Returned from leave.

May 1913 Won the Lawn Tennis Tournament Challenge Cup for Regimental and Ships Doubles in partnership with Maj Winfrid Kelsey Beaman for the third year in succession. The Cup was presented by Colonel Elliott Wood, Commander Royal Engineers, in 1897.
In the Garrison Racquet Tournament Major Norrington again came out a winner with Major H S Thurston as a partner beating the favourites, 2nd/Scottish Rifles.

Malta 4 Oct 1913 Home leave.

23 Nov 1913 Returned from leave.

2 May 1914 Home leave.
Officer in Charge Military Hospital Valletta.

3 June 1914 On duty at Scutari.

26 June 1914 Returned to Malta from Scutari.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

5 Aug 1914 Returned on Osiris with the Scutari detachment.

14 Sept 1914 Returned to England.

1 Mar 1915 Lieutenant Colonel.

1915 Awarded DSO.

16 Apr 1919 Retired.