RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edmunds P K D
? – ?

Lieutenant Edmunds P K D


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Service Record

P K D Edmunds
Capt P K D Edmunds and Col T F Briggs No 10 (Br) Convalescent Depôt Rome 1944 (RAMC/800)

24 July 1941 Arrived from England.

25 Jan 1942 Attached to 15th Fld Amb.

1943 Attached to 15th Fld Amb.

9 Oct 1943 UK medical personnel arriving in Malta were posted to a Training Company at Camp RS Wardija for two months intensive training. The training officer was Capt P K D Edmunds RAMC.

23 Nov 1943 On 23 November 1943, HMHS Dinard arrived and disembarked 57 stretcher cases and 134 walking wounded.

24 Nov 1943 On 24 November 1943, 15 Fd Amb embarked on HMHS Dinard and sailed from Malta for Syracuse and disembarked at Brindisi. Officers embarked were T/Lt Col T F Briggs, T/Maj W R M Morton, T/Maj G A Wilson, Capt P K D Edmunds, Capt Christie R, Lt (QM) Cox and Lt Coddington W R RASC.

1944 No 10 (British) Convalescent Depôt Rome.