RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Henry Carr
1873 –1961

Major Charles Henry Carr


20 Sep 1873 [Youghal Co York] – 25 Dec 1961 [Worthing Sussex]

Service Record

Carr C H
Staff of St David Hospital with Maj Carr seated – 1916.

30 May 1900 Lieutenant.

1901–1902 Served in West Africa.

30 May 1903 Captain.

Specialist in Dental Surgery.

1903–1908 Served in India.

30 May 1912 Major.

1914–1915 Served with the BEF France.

9 Aug 1915 Arrived from England.

1916 At St David's Military Hospital Malta.

2 May 1917 Mobilised St David's Military Hospital as No 62 General Hospital, and brought its strength to war time establishment. The staff of 62 GH included: Lt Col Carr C H, Commanding Officer, Capt Prance C H G, Capt Leigh B H, Capt Glen D, Capt Barrett W C P, Capt Morgan R J, Capt Gore W G, and Lt (QM) Percy J W. The lady doctors were: Drs Hollway E B, Murphy J L, Fergus A G, and Murray M D. In addition there was a Matron, 8 sisters, 1 staff nurse (nursing reserve) and 15 VADs, 1 Warrant Officer, 3 Staff Sergeants, 11 Sgts, 5 Cpls, 5 L/Cpls and 111 RAMC privates. 62 BGH closed on 31 Oct 1917.

4 July 1917 Embarked for Salonica in command of No 62 General Hospital. HMT Ship Abbassieh sailed out of the Grand Harbour escorted by HMS Aster and HMS Azalea. Both escorts struck mines eleven miles out of Malta, and HMT Ship Abbassieh returned to Malta and anchored at Marsaxlokk Harbour.

6 July 1917 HMT Ship Abbassieh with Nos 61, 62, and 64 General Hospitals sailed out of Marsaxlokk Harbour escorted by two destroyers. The staff were given their first inoculation against cholera.

11 July 1917 HMT Ship Abbassieh arrived at Suda Bay Crete on 9 July, where all the staff were issued with quinine grs X, as prophylaxis against malaria. They arrived at Salonica, (Thessalonika) Harbour, on 11 July 1917. All the women doctors were transferred to the hospital ship Llandovery Castle. (HS Llandovery Castle was torpedoed on 27 June 1918, seventy miles from the Irish Coast. The ship had been chartered by the Canadian Government to carry wounded and sick from England to Canada.)

11 July 1917 Acting Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1917–1919 Served in Italy.

7 Apr 1918 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1919–1928 Served in India.

20 Sept 1928 Retired.