Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Young Thomas
? –1836

Inspector General Thomas Young

? – 13 Jan 1836 [Leith]

1776 Hospital Mate.

22 Nov 1780 Surgeon 1st/The 1st, The Royal Regiment of Foot.

Feb 1782 Wounded when the French occupied St Christopher's (St Kitts), in the Caribbean.

1 Aug 1792 Surgeon Garrison of Grenada.

25 Apr 1793–94 Staff Surgeon. Served in Holland under HRH the Duke of York.

16 Sep 1795 Inspector General.

Served in the West Indies under Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

25 June 1798 Relegated to half-pay.

26 June 1799 Returned to full-pay to serve on Sir Ralph Abercrombie's Expedition to Holland.

25 Dec 1799 Relegated to half-pay.

19 Nov 1800 Back on Full-pay.

Jan 1801 Principal Medical Officer on Abercrombie's Expedition to Egypt.

Replaced Inspector of Hospitals Franck James at Marmorice.

2 Mar 1801 Head of medical staff at Aboukir.

Dec 1801 Returned to Malta from Egypt.

Jan 1802 Left Malta.

25 Dec 1802 Retired.