Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Andrew
1823 – 1912

No 192 Assistant Surgeon John Andrew Woolfryes

CMG (1879) QHP (1898) KCB (1902) LSAL (1845) MRCS (Eng 1846) MD (St And 1859)

14 June 1823 [Salisbury] – 12 Jan 1912 [Wells Somerset]

John A Woolfryes
John Andrew Woolfryes. (RAMC/273)

Surgeon John Andrew Woolfryes served in the Ashanti War of 1873–1874, part of the time as Principal Medical Officer. He was at the Battles of Amoaful and Ordahsu and the capture of Coomassie. He was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 7 March 1874) and promoted Deputy Surgeon General. He received the medal with clasp.

In 1877–1879, Surgeon John Andrew Woolfryes served in South Africa as Principal Medical Officer during the Kaffir Campaign. He took part in operations against the Galekas and Gaikas, was present in the attack on the Intaba Ka Udoda and Bashee. He was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 26 February 1878) and was made CB.

Surgeon John Andrew Woolfryes was the Principal Medical Officer in the Zulu Campaign. He was occupied in Natal for many months before the declaration of war in making preparations for the campaign under considerable local difficulties. He was uninterruptedly in medical charge, both during the anxious time of disaster and defeat, and when the subsequent arrival of reinforcements rendered him responsible for the medical care of nearly 20,000 men. He was present in operations against Sekukuni. He was mentioned in despatches, received the Medal with clasp and was made a Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George.

Surgeon John Andrew Woolfryes published:

Service Record

13 July 1847 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 71st (Highland) Light Infantry vice Assistant Surgeon James Johnston promoted surgeon to 26th Foot, vice Stewart who moved to the Staff.

24 Sept 1850 Assistant Surgeon Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment.

25 June 1852 Assistant Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot.

20 July 1855 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class from 1st/10th Foot.

Malta 8 Nov 1855 Arrived from England.

Malta 18 July 1856 Left for England.

26 Nov 1856 Placed on half-pay.

20 Feb 1857 Recalled from half-pay and appointed Surgeon Military Train.

22 Nov 1864 Exchanged with Staff Surgeon Ormsby Bowen Miller.

1865–1866 In China.

1867 In China and Winchester.

7 Oct 1867 Staff Surgeon Major.

1868 In Winchester and Dublin.

1869 In Dublin and Suez.

1870–1871 In Suez.

1872 In Suez and York.

1 Mar 1873 Surgeon Major Army Medical Department.

1873 At Shorncliffe and Gold Coast.

31 Mar 1874 Replaced Sir Anthony Horne as PMO of the Ashanti Expedition to the Gold Coast of Africa. He was specially promoted for meritorious services against the Ashantis (1873–1874).

1 Apr 1874 Promoted Deputy Surgeon General.

1875 In Portsmouth from Gold Coast.

1876 In Portsmouth and Devonport.

1877–1880 In Devonport and the Cape.

1877–1879 Served in the Zulu Wars South Africa as the Principal Medical Officer.

26 Nov 1878 Appointed an Ordinary Member of the Military Division of the 3rd Class, or Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath for his services during the Zulu Wars.

28 Jan 1879 Granted local rank of Surgeon General while serving as PMO at the Cape of Good Hope.

Dec 1879 Deputy Surgeon General John Andrew Woolfryes MD CB, the Principal Medical Officer of the British Forces during the Zulu War was gazetted Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George.

1880 On Home Service from the Cape.

May 1880–1881 In Portsmouth.

23 June 1880 The local rank of Surgeon General which was granted on 28 January 1879 was converted into temporary rank of Surgeon-General, but without pay or allowances.

14 June 1883 Placed on retired pay.

18 Jan 1899 Appointed Honorary Physician to Queen Victoria vice Surgeon-General Alexander Smith who died on 25 November 1898.

26 June 1902 Promoted Knight Commander of the Bath.