Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Pearson
1825 – 1909

No 191 Assistant Surgeon William Pearson Ward

MRCS (Eng 1846) LSAL (1847) KLH (1856)

27 Feb 1825 [Dublin] – 29 Sep 1909 [Hove]

Brigade Surgeon William Pearson Ward served in the Eastern Campaign of 1854–1855. He was in the action at McKenzie's Farm, the Battles of Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, the repulse of the sortie of 26 October 1854 and the assault on the Redan on 8 September. He was also at the bombardment and surrender of Kinbourn. Surgeon Ward received the Crimea Medal with four clasps, the Turkish Medal and was made a Knight (5th Class) of the Legion of Honour.

Brigade Surgeon William Pearson Ward of Medina Villas, Hove Brighton died in September 1909, aged 85 years.

Service Record

Alma 20 Sep 1854

14 June 1847 Commissioned Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department (OMD). He remained with the OMD until his promotion into the 17th Regiment of Foot in 1855.

Malta 3 Jan 1851 Arrived from England.

22 Feb 1851 Returned to England.

Malta 1852 Assistant Surgeon OMD.

Malta 3 Jan 1853 Assistant Surgeon OMD.

1854 and 1855 Served in the Crimean War.

20 Sep 1854 At the Battle of the Alma.

25 Oct 1854 At the Battle of the Balaclava.

26 Oct 1854 At the repulse of the Russian Reconnaissance.

5 Nov 1854 At the Battle of the Inkerman.

26 June 1855 Surgeon 1st/17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot.

July 1856 Awarded the Legion of Honour for his distinguished services in the war against Russia.

1 June 1860 Appointed Surgeon Royal Artillery from 1st/17th Foot.

14 June 1867 Promoted Surgeon-Major Royal Artillery.

1874 Medical Officer Royal Artillery (on duty to 17 RA) until 1878. Served as medical officer at the Royal Arsenal. He was replaced by Surgeon Major John Phillips Cunningham MD 20th Hussars, stationed at Aldershot, as PMO at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich, when his term of service expired.

1878–1879 In Gibraltar.

27 Feb 1880 Retired on half-pay with the honorary rank of Brigade-Surgeon.