Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Dillon Tully
1785 – 1827

Staff Surgeon James Dillon Tully

? 1785 – 1 Sep 1827 [Jamaica]

Service Record

7 Mar 1801 Hospital Mate.

17 Sep 1802 Assistant Surgeon 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot.

15 Oct 1807 Surgeon 35th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot.

On promotions in the Army Medical Services: "With respect to the two vacancies of staff surgeon Mr Keate recommends that as at present there is not a staff surgeon in England for that duty, surgeon Jonathan Cotgrave, 35th Regiment, who is on the spot and is the only regimental surgeon that has applied for the situation may be appointed Surgeon to the Forces for the duty in the Mediterranean, and that Assistant Surgeon James Tully, 58th Regiment, who is the senior assistant surgeon in the above station and is now duly qualified may be appointed surgeon to the 35th Regiment. An early opportunity shall be taken to fill the other vacancy of staff surgeon as soon as a proper person can be found. Directions will be given to the Inspector of Hospitals at Messina to nominate the senior eligible hospital mate on the spot to fill the vacancy in the 58th Regiment.

17 Aug 1815 Staff Surgeon.

Local rank of Deputy Inspector of Hospitals Ionian Islands, Plague broke out in the Ionian Islands at the end of 1815 and Tully produce a detailed record of the progress of the plague in these islands. The plague spread throughout Corfu until May 1816 when Cephalonia began infected.

Author: The history of the plague as it has lately appeared in the islands of Malta, Gozo, Corfu and Cephalonia. London 1821.

Malta Feb 1818 Arrived in Malta.

2 Sep 1818 James Dillon Tully, aged 33 years, from Loughrea, Galway Ireland married Indiana Elizabeth Maria Reinaud, aged 17 years, spinster, from London, daughter of John Reinaud, Collector HM Revenue and Magistrate at Vittoriosa, Malta.

Malta 1819 Staff Surgeon.

Malta 1820 Staff Surgeon. In March took over the care of 10th Regiment in the absence of the surgeon on sick leave, but was then transferred to take over the management of the Ordnance Hospital in Valletta.

29 May 1820 Baptism of Maria Harcourt Tully born on 3 May 1820, daughter of James Dillon Tully Surgeon to the Forces and Indiana Elizabeth Maria.

Malta 17 May 1821 On leave till Oct 1821.

Jan–Mar 1822 Acting PMO Malta in the absence of the PMO John Hennen. On garrison duty at the daily rate of pay of 14s 3d. Temporarily on the sick list.

28 Feb 1822 Baptism of Adelaide Elizabeth Tully, daughter of Surgeon to the Forces James Dillon Tully and Indiana Elizabeth Maria, born 24 January 1822.

June 1822 Took charge of the ophthalmia hospital from Staff Assistant Surgeon James Kennedy. The hospital had admitted 133 patients in the first half of the year. In June it had only 17 patients, half of which were convalescents, and the rest old chronic cases with diseased eye lids. Was also in charge of the Convalescent Hospital at Fort Chambray Gozo for the sick of the army in the Mediterranean.

Dec 1822–30 June 1823 In charge of the Ophthalmia Hospital aided by Assistant Surgeon Daniel Owen Davies 18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment. From October to December 1823 the ophthalmia hospital was under the superintendence of Assistant Surgeon Mark Anthony Rancland.

10 July 1823 Reported himself unfit for duty and returned to the colder climate during the summer. Left for England on six months leave. While away from Malta his duties were performed by DIH John Hennen and Staff Assistant Surgeon Daniel Owen Davies.

Nov 1823 Struck off the strength of the Army in the Mediterranean.

22 July 1824 Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

1 Sep 1827 Died in Jamaica of Yellow Fever.