Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Robert Templeton
1804 – 1892

Staff Surgeon Robert Templeton MD (Ed 1831)

12 Dec 1804 [Belfast] – 2 June 1892 [Edinburgh]

Service Record

6 May 1833 Gazetted Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department vice Assistant Surgeon Nelson OMD who died on 14 March 1833 at Halifax Nova Scotia.

Malta Jan 1836 Arrived at Malta on 14 December 1835, but left for Corfu in January 1836.

1839–1851 On duty in Ceylon.

19 Apr 1847 Promoted Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department vice Surgeon Thomas Colchester who retired on 5 April 1847. The vacancy created by the promotion of Templeton was filled by Gentleman Francis Howard who became Assistant Surgeon OMD.

Malta 20 July 1851 Arrived from England.

Malta 19 Nov 1852 Birth of a daughter, Sophia Agnes, to Mary Elizabeth and Robert Templeton.

Malta 1853 Surgeon OMD.

Malta 1854 On duty at Malta.

Malta Jan 1855 Left Malta.

7 Dec 1855 Staff Surgeon 1st Class.

Malta Jan 1856 Returned from England.

Malta 26 Feb 1856 Left for the Crimea.

11 Oct 1856 Reduced to half-pay.

Malta 2 Dec 1856 Birth of a son, Robert Stanser Templeton.

Malta 27 Mar 1857 Restored to full-pay.

31 Jan 1860 Retired with the Hon rank of Deputy Inspector General.

Naturalist and Entomologist.