Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Kilner
1817 – 1901

No 64 Surgeon William Kilner Swettenham

LM RCSI ( 1839) MD (Glas 1840)

1 Jan 1817 – 21 May 1901 [Fulham]

William K Swettenham
William Kilner Swettenham (Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS archives)

Surgeon William Kilner Swettenham served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny with Major General Sir Henry Havelock's column in the actions of Mungarwar, Alumbagh and the relief of Lucknow. He was granted a year's service in compensation for wounds received in action. Swettenham was present with Major General Sir James Outham's Division through the occupation of Alumbagh and the capture of Lucknow by Lord Clyde. He also took part in the Oudh Campaign, including the action of Buxar Ghat and Doondiakera for which he received a medal with two clasps.

In 1880, Surgeon William Kilner Swettenham resided at 135 Campden Road London; in 1889 he occupied 36 Auriol Road West Kensington and in 1901 he was at 69 Gunnerstone Road West Kensington. He died in London in May 1901, aged 84 years.

Service Record

9 Apr 1841 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon, vice Staff Assistant Surgeon James Edmund Currey. The latter became Assistant Surgeon 34th Foot on the demise of Assistant Surgeon James Gordon in Canada on 26 January 1841.

1841 Served in Ceylon.

20 Aug 1841 Assistant Surgeon Ceylon Rifle Regiment.

13 Dec 1844 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon, on the promotion of Staff Assistant Surgeon David Dyce as Surgeon 48th Foot. The vacancy in the Ceylon Rifle Regt was filled by Gentleman Henry Forbes Dakers.

1845–1847 Served in Ceylon.

1848–1849 In Dublin.

1849–1850 At Killiney Co. Dublin.

1850 At Chatham.

10 Jan 1851 Assistant Surgeon 41st (The Welsh) Regiment of Foot.

14 Oct 1851 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class vice Staff Surgeon William Campbell Seaman appointed to 72nd Foot. The vacancy on the 41st was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Richard Woodley.

27 Feb 1852 Exchanged with Surgeon Edward Robertson 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 10 Mar 1854 Arrived from Gibraltar.

3 May 1854 Left for England.

5 May 1854 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class.

1854–1855 In Dublin.

1856–1857 In Mauritius.

18 Sep 1857 Appointed Surgeon 1st/5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon Edward Scott Docker who moved to the Staff. He served with the 1st/5th Regiment in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny when he was wounded in action.

9 Apr 1861 Promoted Surgeon-Major 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

15 June 1866 Exchanged with Staff Surgeon Major Alfred Malpas Tippets.

1866 In London.

27 June 1868 Retired upon half-pay with the Honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General.