Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Stobo
? – ?

Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas Stobo

? — ?

Service Record

6 Sep 1813 Hospital Assistant.

9 Sep 1813 Assistant Surgeon 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment.

25 Nov 1817 Relegated to half-pay.

1 Jan 1818 Assistant Surgeon 33rd (1st York, West Riding) Regiment of Foot by exchange.

25 Dec 1818 Relegated to half-pay.

12 Sep 1822 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Malta 1823 Arrived from England on the transport Finsbury. Attached for a while to the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment, and returned to England in medical charge of invalids.

25 Oct 1826 Retired to half-pay. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Assistant Surgeon David Ewing 21st Foot, who became Assistant Surgeon to the Forces on 25 December 1826.

13 Nov 1832 Commuted his half-pay.