Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Starkie Edmund

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Hospital Mate Edmund Starkie
June 1768 – 10 Feb 1841 [Chatham]

Service Record — Edmund Starkie

13 May 1801 Hospital Mate.

Apr 1801–Mar 1816 Served in Egypt, Malta, Sicily, and Genoa.

Malta Nov 1801 Arrived in Malta.

Malta 1802 Hospital Mate at the Military Hospital Valletta.

Malta 1803 On garrison duty.

Malta 1804 On garrison duty.

Malta 1805 On garrison duty.

Malta 1806 Left Malta.

8 Oct 1807 Apothecary.

War Office letter dated 2 Oct 1807: "I am directed to transmit to you for the consideration of HRH The Commander-in-Chief the enclosed letter from the Inspector General of Army Hospitals stating that in consequence of the removal of Apothecary Wells Fletcher to the surgency of the 31st Regiment in the Mediterranean a vacancy has occurred in that station which is necessary to fill up and that no officer of that rank is at present unemployed. Mr Knight, therefore recommends that Hospital Mate Edmund Starkie already nominated to be acting apothecary may be appointed Apothecary to the Forces".

Malta June 1822 Arrived to take charge of the depot at Malta vice Iliff William Tiffin, retired.
Was formerly in charge of the depot at Corfu.

Malta 1823 In charge of the Malta depot.

Malta 1824 The Apothecary at Malta was also in charge of the medical stores for the Ionian Islands. He was stationed in Malta rather than in the Ionian Islands as more store houses were available at Malta.

Malta 1825 In charge of the Malta depot.

Malta 1826 In charge of the Malta depot.

Malta 1827 In charge of the Malta depot.

4 Sept 1827 Edmund Starkie, Apothecary to the Forces, from Gisborne in the West Riding of Yorkshire, a bachelor married Elizabeth Moira Hastings Beever, spinster daughter of Captain Beever late Barrack Master at Hull. Present at the ceremony were Staff Surgeon George Richard Melin, Hospital Assistant John Maharg, Surgeon John Lightbody and Purveyor Lucas Ward.

Malta 9 June–9 Nov 1828 On leave on the continent.

Malta 11 July 1829 Embarked for England.

Malta Jan 1830 Struck off the strength of the Malta garrison.


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