Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Joseph Skey
1774 – 1866

Physician Joseph Skey MD (Ed 1798)

10 Sep 1774 – 1866

Service Record

18 July 1805 Physician to the Forces.

Malta Mar 1816 Arrived in Valletta.

Malta Aug 1817 Left for Corfu.

Malta Jan 1821 Returned from Corfu. His pay was 19 shillings a day.

31 Dec 1821 From mid July to the end of December 1821 was in charge of the Medical Department of the Ionian Islands. Proceeded to Malta from the Ionian Islands. Reported on the diseases of the troops of the Ionian Islands from 21 June to 20 December 1821.

Mar 1822 On leave till Apr 1822. In March 1822 was in Corfu.

June 1822 Returned from the Ionian Islands.
Was on garrison duty and for a while took medical charge of the regimental hospital of the 85th (Bucks Volunteers) (King's Light Infantry) Regiment.

Malta 24 Mar 1823 Left Malta and was replaced by Physician to the Forces Adam Neale.

11 Dec 1823 Brevet Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

26 Oct 1826 Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals.

25 Dec 1826 Reduced to half-pay.

3 July 1828 Restored to full-pay.

29 July 1830 Appointed Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals.

15 Feb 1839 PMO Canada. Promoted Inspector General of Hospitals.

29 Jan 1841 Retired to half-pay.