Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Shower
? – 1834

Apothecary John Shower

? – 29 Oct 1834 [Malta]

Service Record

6 Apr 1812 Dispenser of Medicines.

1812-1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

7 Sep 1815 Apothecary. Served at Waterloo.

25 Feb 1816 Reduced to half-pay.

25 Apr 1816 Restored to full-pay.

Malta 1830 Arrived from England. Took charge of the medical depot from Edmund Starkie.

Malta 1831 On garrison duty. The pay of an apothecary was set by the Royal Warrant 1830 to 9s 6d a day.

Malta 1832 On garrison duty.

Malta 1833 On garrison duty.

Malta 1834 On garrison duty. His accommodation consisted of two rooms in the General Hospital.

Malta 29 Oct 1834 Died at Valletta Malta, aged 47 years, leaving a widow and a child. He was buried on 31 October at ? Msida Bastion Cemetery. The vacancy created by his death was filled by the recall from half-pay of Apothecary James Wooley Simpson.