Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Augustus
Frederick Shelton
1821 – 1895

No 134 Surgeon George Augustus Frederick Shelton

BA MB (Dubl 1842) MRCS (Eng 1842)

23 Oct 1821 [Co. Limerick] – 15 Oct 1895 [London]

George A F Shelton
Surgeon Major George Augustus Frederick Shelton 48th Regt (Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS archives)

Surgeon General George Augustus Frederick Shelton was the second son of Captain John Willington Shelton 28th Regiment of Rossmore, County Limerick. Captain J W Shelton had served in the Peninsular War and had been severely wounded by a shell at Waterloo, which fractured his right arm.

Surgeon General George Augustus Frederick Shelton was educated at Trinity College Dublin. He qualified MA, MB, MRCS (England) in 1842, and entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 3 January 1845.

He served for a number of years in the 48th Regiment, including the Eastern Campaign of 1854–1856, and was present with the 48th Foot at the siege and fall of Sebastopol. He received the Crimea Medal with three clasps and the Turkish Medal.

Surgeon George Augustus Frederick Shelton retired in 1882. He died in Bolton Street, Piccadilly London on 12 October 1895, in his 74th years. The previous year he had suffered a minor stroke with paralysis, from which he never fully recovered. He succumbed to a second stroke after a short illness. His obituary described him as a fine, handsome, courteous and witty Irishman, the best of companions and warmest friends.

Service Record

3 Jan 1845 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon, on the death of Staff Assistant Surgeon George William Samuel Brown at Jamaica on 12 Nov 1844.

1845 On duty at Chatham.

3 Oct 1845 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot.

19 July 1847 Death of his father Captain John Willington Shelton, aged 57 years. His widow Mary Shelton married General Peter Faddy Royal Artillery; she died at Rossmore on 16 March 1871, aged 74 years.

21 July 1848 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 2nd/60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps) on the death of Assistant Surgeon Edmund Edward Hare O'Brien at Karachi on 9 May 1848.

5 May 1854 Promoted Surgeon 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon Thomas Goldie Scott who moved to 79th Foot on 28 April 1854.

21 Apr 1855 Landed in the Crimea with the 48th Regiment. Was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

Malta 30 May 1856 Arrived from the Crimea. On duty at Fort Manoel.

Malta 5 Apr–5 May 1857 On leave to travel in Italy.

Malta 15 Aug 1857 Left for Gibraltar.

3 Jan 1865 Promoted Surgeon-Major Army Medical Department, having completed twenty years' full-pay service in accordance with the Royal Warrant of 1 October 1858.

15 Mar 1867 Staff Surgeon-Major.

1867 – 1868 On duty in Burma.

1869 – 1871 At Rangoon.

1872 In August 1872, he was Principal Medical Officer 3rd Division in the Autumn Manoeuvres.
Posted from Burma to Aldershot.

1873 Moved to Belfast.

28 May 1873 Promoted Deputy Surgeon General vice Deputy Surgeon General Thomas Graham Balfour, promoted Surgeon General.

1873 – 1875 On duty at Belfast.

1875 Moved to Woolwich.

1876 Moved from Woolwich to Canada.

1877 – 1880 In Canada.

27 Mar 1880 Promoted Surgeon General vice Surgeon General William Godfrey Watt who retired.

1880 Moved to Aldershot and London as Head of the Medical Branch.

1880 – 1882 Head of the Medical Branch, Medical Department War Office.

July 1881 Member of a committee set up to gather funds for a memorial to the medical officers who had lost their lives in the campaigns in Afghanistan and South Africa. The other committee members were: Surgeon General Thomas Longmore, Surgeon General Stanhope Hunter Fasson and Surgeon Major Alfred Clarke as honorary secretary.

7 May 1882 Placed on the retired pay.

12 Oct 1895 1882 Died in Piccadilly London from a stroke.