Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Daniel Scott
? – 1873

Inspector General Daniel Scott QHP (1870) MD (Aberd 1851)

? – 5 Nov 1873 [Edinburgh]

Service Record

8 Feb 1813 Appointed Hospital Mate.

1813–1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

9 Mar 1815 Hospital Assistant.

18 Mar 1824 Assistant Surgeon 36th (Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot.

17 Oct 1834 Aged 44 years. Promoted surgeon after 22 years service. Had served between 21 and 22 years on full pay before gaining promotion.

Appointed Staff Surgeon vice Staff Surgeon Alexander Melville who retired upon half-pay. The vacancy in 36th Foot was filled by Gentleman Charles Scott MD on 7 Nov 1834.

2 Aug 1850 Deputy Inspector General.

7 June 1854–24 Sep 1857 Local rank of Inspector General.

Malta 6 Mar 1855 Arrived from Gibraltar as PMO Malta Garrison.

29 Nov 1855 Attributed the 1850 outbreak of cholera in the Valletta hospital to the effluvia emanating from the porous rock on which the hospital was built which had, over time, become saturated with offensive leakage from the sewers. Scott recommended the building of a new hospital. On 30 January 1856, Major-General Sir William Reid, suggested the purchase of Palazzo Parisio in upper Strada Mercanti, adjoining the Auberge De Castille, and converting both the Auberge and the palace into a military hospital.

Malta 1856 Principal Medical Officer Malta.

Malta 7 Sep 1857 Left Malta.

25 Sep 1857 Inspector General.

21 Feb 1859 Retired to half-pay.