Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Shearly
1825 – 1867

No 187 Surgeon Henry Shearly Sanders MRCS (Eng 1846)

5 Apr 1825 [Gravesend] – 5 Feb 1867 [Mount Abu Bombay]

Surgeon Henry Shearly Sanders served with the Rifle Brigade at Lucknow and Nawabgunge and the subsequent operations in Oudh. He received a medal with clasp and the Turkish Medal. In 1862, he had a son, John William Smith Sanders.

Surgeon Henry Shearly Sanders shot himself at Mount Abu, in Bombay in February 1867. His widow died on 26 February 1909 at 13 Russell Street Bath.

Service Record

5 Mar 1847 Commissioned Assistant Surgeon 3rd West India Regiment vice Assistant Surgeon George Thomas Woodman. Woodman was promoted to 48th Foot vice Staff Assistant Surgeon James Dickson who in turn was promoted Staff Surgeon of the Second Class on the death of Staff Surgeon Charles Godwin at Macarthy's Island Gambia on 21 November 1846.

16 Nov 1849 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1850 In the West Indies.

1851 In the West Indies and Chatham.

13 Jan 1852 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/Rifle Brigade.

7 Sep 1852 Married Laura Tucker Smith aged 25 years at St Mary's Church Walmer, Kent.

Malta 24 Feb 1854 Arrived from England.

19 Apr 1854 Left for the Crimea. On 25 April was reported to be in camp near Gallipoli, Turkey.

24 Apr 1855 Promoted Surgeon 3rd/The Rifle Brigade. Moved from the 1st Battalion to the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade in December 1854. Was promoted to the 3rd Battalion from the 2nd Battalion.

1857 Served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny.

14 Jan 1859 Exchanged with Staff Surgeon Joseph Thomas La Presle.

1860 In Gravesend.

29 Jan 1861 Exchanged with Surgeon James Hamilton Bews 49th (Hertfordshire—The Princess of Wales's) Regiment.

5 Feb 1867 Died at Mount Aboo, Bombay.