Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Rudd
1833 – 1895

No 569 Deputy Surgeon General Thomas Rudd

LRCS (Ed 1853) MD (Ed 1854)

6 June 1833 [Ceylon] – 24 Feb 1895 [San Remo]

Surgeon Major General Thomas Rudd entered the Army Medical Services as an assistant surgeon on 1 August 1857. He served with the 8th Hussars in the Indian Mutiny of 1857–1858 and was at the capture of Kotah, the battles of Kotaria and Kooshana. He was mentioned in despatches (medal with clasp).

Surgeon Major General Thomas Rudd was also in the Afghan war in 1878–1880, and was awarded the medal for that campaign. He was placed on the retired pay on 6 June 1893 and died at San Remo, Italy on 24 February 1895 after a short illness.

Service Record

1 Aug 1857 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

18 Sep 1857 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 8th Dragoons from Staff.

1857–1858 Served with the 8th Hussars in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny, and was present at the capture of Kotah, battle of Kotaria and Kooshana.

2 Dec 1859 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 2nd Dragoons from 8th Light Dragoons on the promotion of Assistant Surgeon Cornelius Clark Rutherford to the Staff.

18 Nov 1871 Promoted Surgeon 1st/7th (Royal Fusiliers) from 2nd Dragoons. Served as their medical officer until 1874 when he moved to the Staff Ceylon.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

1875 Moved to Dover.

1876–1878 On duty in Chichester.

1879–1881 Moved to Bengal. Served in the Afghan War.

13 Mar 1883 Promoted Brigade–Surgeon.

Malta 19 Aug 1886 Arrived from Woolwich, England.

Malta Feb 1887 Together with Surgeon Captain George John Coates described a febrile illness in the Sultana family at Sannat Gozo as being Cerebro Spinal Meningitis, which was claimed to be an entirely new disease for the Maltese Islands.1

Malta 11 Apr 1888 Resident with his wife at 51 Tower Road Sliema.
Promoted Surgeon Colonel, on the retirement of Deputy Surgeon General Robert Walker Clifton.

Malta 12 Apr 1888 Left for Egypt.

Nov 1888 Appointed to the Administrative Medical Staff of the Allahabad District, Bengal, vice Deputy Surgeon–General Edmund Humphrey Roberts, transferred to temporary half-pay.

6 Feb 1893 Promoted Surgeon Major General vice Surgeon Major General Stewart Aaron Lithgow DSO who retired on 6 February 1893.

6 June 1893 Retired to half-pay having completed 24 years' full-pay service.

24 Feb 1895 Died at San Remo.