Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Rolston
? – 1826

Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas Rolston

? – 31 Aug 1826 [Malta]

Service Record

20 Apr 1810 Appointed Hospital Mate.

29 Oct 1812 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot on the resignation of Assistant Surgeon David W B Pearse 10th Foot.

7 Aug 1813 Wounded in the Peninsular War. While attending the wounded at Tarragona, had his left foot and part of his leg blown away by a cannon ball. He was granted a war pension of £50 commencing from 8 August 1814.

5 May 1814 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

29 Mar 1821 Birth of William T Rolston who died in Bangalore from cholera on 31 March 1857.

Malta 13 June 1826 Birth of Thomas Ross Rolston son of Susan and Assistant Surgeon to the Forces Thomas Rolston.
Thomas Ross died at Gibraltar on 11 January 1827, aged 7 months.

31 Aug 1826 Death of Assistant Surgeon to the Forces Thomas Rolston at Valletta Malta.