Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Frederick Philpot
1833 – 1904

Apothecary Frederick Philpot

1 Sep 1833 [London] – 18 Nov 1904 [Bexhill]

Service Record

Siege of Sebastopol.

4 Sep 1854 Dispenser of Medicines.

Served in the Crimean War from 1854-56. He was present at the Battle of Inkerman, and Siege of Sebastopol.

21 Sep 1860 Apothecary, ranking as captain.

Malta 23 Mar 1869 Arrived from England on appointment to relieve Apothecary John Andrews. on duty at Valletta Hospital.

Malta 18 May 1870 Returned to England on a medical certificate.

7 Oct 1870 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1871 On garrison duty at Valletta.

Malta 23 May 1872 Left for England on leave.

15 Sep 1872 Returned to Malta.

Malta 25 June 1873 Commissioned Captain of Orderlies Army Hospital Corps.

Oct 1874 From 1 Oct 1874 the regimental hospital establishment at Aldershot ceased to exist and three "Station Hospitals" were formed at the Camp. A senior medical officer was appointed for each who was responsible for the medical administration, under the principal medical officer. In accordance with a War Office regulation all documents connected with the Army Hospital Corps at Aldershot were to be handed over to the charge of Captain of Orderlies F Philpot, the Staff Officer of the corps at the station.

July 1881 Promoted Quartermaster and Honorary Captain.

13 July–6 Sep 1882 Took part in the Expedition to Alexandria under Lieutenant-General Sir Garnet Wolseley which led to the British occupation of Egypt.

Nov 1886 Appointed Quartermaster Medical Staff.

31 Dec 1887 Retired to half-pay with honorary rank of Major.

18 Nov 1904 Died at Creswell House, Hastings Road Bexhill, aged 71 years.