Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Perry William

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230 Surgeon William Perry LSAL (1848) MRCS (Eng 1849)
15 Oct 1824 – 20 Feb 1905 [St Martin's Hereford]


Surgeon William Perry served with the Royal Artillery throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854–1855. He was at the Battles of Alma, Inkerman, the fall of Sebastopol and the repulse of the Russian sortie of 26 October 1854. He received the Crimea Medal with three clasps, the Order of the Medjidie 5th Class, the Turkish Medal and the Sardinian Medal.

Surgeon William Perry published A fatal case of pyaemia. AMD Report vol viii (1866).

He died in February 1905 at St Martin's Hinton Cottage Hereford, aged 80 years.

Service Record — William Perry

13 Sept 1849 Temporary Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department.

23 Oct 1849 Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department (OMD). He remained with the OMD until his promotion to Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class.

1854–1855 Served in the Crimean War with the Royal Artillery.

20 Sep 1854 At the Battle of the Alma.

26 Oct 1854 At the repulse of the Russian Reconnaissance.

5 Nov 1854 At the Battle of the Inkerman.

20 July 1855 Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class.

7 Dec 1855 Surgeon Royal Artillery. Medical officer Royal Artillery until 1878 when he moved to the Staff in Nova Scotia.

Malta 1 Feb 1856 Arrived from Turkey.

Malta 22 Sept 1857 Returned to England on sick leave.

Malta 2 Mar 1858 Awarded the Imperial Order of the Medjidie (5th Class) by the Sultan for his distinguished services before the enemy, during the war against Russia.

Malta 1859 On duty with the Royal Artillery (In 6 Bde 1859 to 1868, and in 11 Bde 1868 to 1873, and 7th Bde from 1874 to 1878).

Malta 12 Jan 1860 PMO Malta stated that he was: A good officer attentive to his duties, hospital always clean and in good order.

Malta 27 Aug 1861 Returned to England.

Apr 1867 The Secretary of State for War appointed Surgeon William Perry to be the Visiting Surgeon at Aldershot under the Contagious Diseases Act 1866. This enabled the medical examination of prostitutes working in military towns, so as to protect soldiers from sexually transmitted diseases. The Acts were repealed in 1886.

11 May 1868 Relinquished his appointment as Visiting Surgeon at Aldershot.

13 Sept 1869 Surgeon Major-Royal Artillery.

1878 Moved to the Staff in Nova Scotia.

15 Oct 1879 Retired on half-pay with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General.


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