Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Palatiano George

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556 Surgeon George Palatiano MD (Pisa 1851) MRCS (Eng 1859)
18 Aug 1828 [Corfu] – 26 June 1910 [Corfu]

Service Record — George Palatiano

27 Apr 1855 Served in Malta as an Acting Assistant Surgeon.

Malta 29 May 1855 Arrived from England.

Malta 29 June 1855 Returned to England.

Malta 22 Aug 1855 Arrived from Southampton.

Malta 4 Aug 1856 Left for England.

George Palatiano as an Ionian medical practitioner was the first foreigner sent to England from Malta in medical charge of invalids. The PMO James Barry, having no subordinate available, selected him for the duty and placed 148 invalids, 153 women and 271 children of different regiments which had left the Ionian Islands from the Crimea, under his care.1

5 Sept 1856 Ceased doing duty, his services being no longer required.

18 Aug 1858 Recommissioned a Staff Assistant Surgeon; his commission was antedated to 8 April 1857 but without attracting back pay.

1858–1859 On duty at Woolwich.

1859–1864 On duty in Corfu.

1865–1867 On duty in Chatham.

1867–1868 On duty in Bengal.

Malta 5 Dec 1868 Arrived from England as a Staff Assistant Surgeon. Relieved Staff Assistant Surgeon Kirwan Charles John.

Malta Jan 1869 On duty at Fort Manoel.

Malta 1870 On duty at Valletta.

Malta 1 Jan 1871 On duty at Fort Manoel.

Malta 3 May 1871 Promoted Staff Surgeon vice Staff Surgeon Allan Bryson MD who was placed on half-pay.

Malta 2 June 1871 Left for England on promotion to Staff Surgeon. Attended the Winter Session (1871-72) of the Army Medical School at Netley.

1871–1872 At Netley.

31 Aug 1872 Retired with the rank of Assistant Surgeon having served 15 years' full pay service. The vacancy created by his retirement was filled by Assistant Surgeon Robert Walter Clifton RA, who was promoted Staff Surgeon.


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