Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Orr Hugh
? –1839

Hospital Assistant Hugh Orr

? – 22 Jan 1839 [Trinidad]

10 May 1813 Appointed Hospital Assistant. Served in the Peninsular War.

6 Jan 1814 Assistant Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment.

1816 At Malta as an Assistant Surgeon 10th Foot.

25 Dec 1818 Reduced to half-pay.

20 Apr 1820 Returned to full-pay.

3 Mar 1821 Arrived at Malta. Embarked for England on 21 April with 10th Foot.

17 Jan 1822 Assistant Surgeon 89th Regiment of Foot.

23 Dec 1832 Birth of a son at Davenport.

11 Mar 1835 Birth of a son at Carlow Barracks.

30 Dec 1836 Aged 45 years. Promoted surgeon after 24 years service. Had served between 23 and 24 years on full pay before gaining promotion.

Surgeon 1st West India Regiment vice Surgeon Andrew Fergusson MD who was appointed surgeon 69th Foot vice surgeon C White appointed to the Staff on the death at Demerara of Surgeon to the Forces Charles Simon Doyle, on 30 October 1836. Staff assistant surgeon J Morrison became assistant surgeon 89th Foot vice Orr, and John Donald Grant was reappointed assistant surgeon to the forces vice Morrison.

3 Nov 1837 Promoted Surgeon 89th Regiment of Foot, vice Surgeon Samuel Barry, who died at Portsmouth on 18 Oct 1873. The vacancy created in 1st West India Regt was filled by the promotion of Assistant Surgeon William Lorimer 65th Foot.

22 Jan 1839 Died at Trinidad. The vacancy in 89th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Michael McDermott.