Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Antonio Muscat
1767 – ?

Extra Hospital Mate Antonio Muscat

1767 – ?

Service Record

1798–1800 Former naval surgeon of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. Doctor Combatant during the Maltese uprising.
Second–in–command at Ta' Samra. Was surgeon and paymaster of the Maltese insurgents.

Jan 1799 Present at the storming of Cottonera in Jan 1799, as well at that of Senglea in Feb 1799, in an attempt to wrest the city from the French. Participated in the forlorn hope on the assault on Valletta for which he was promised a pension, but which he alleged never received.

Malta 1800 On the surrender of Valletta he was employed as an Assistant Surgeon at the Civil Hospital by a Warrant signed by Marquis Testaferrata and Apap.

Malta 1800–2 Served as an Assistant Surgeon at the Military Hospital Valletta under Inspector of Field Hospitals Joseph Cope.

Malta Sep – Oct 1801 Attended the French prisoners from Egypt at the Lazaretto.

Malta 25 Sep 1803–6 Sep 1811 Ensign in the Maltese Provincial Battalion by a brevet of Sir A. Ball, and performed duty in the garrison. Also served as a surgeon and deputy of the Cottonera district, as well as physician and surgeon for the poor of the district until 1837.

Malta 1811 Attended the workers gratis, and dressed the wounds of those injured during the construction of the new dock at Cospicua.

Malta 1813 During the plague in Malta, Muscat was singled out to attend the sick and between times acted as a deputy of the district in the city of Cospicua.

Malta 1821 Assistant to the police medical officer in the Three Cities, a position still held in 1837.

Malta 1830 Participated in the inoculation of the people which took place in 1830.

Malta 1837 Muscat petitioned the Rt Hon Earl Grey, HM Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies, for the post of ensign in the Royal Malta Fencible Regiment, for his 24 year old son Vincenzo. Muscat stated that he felt humiliated, as he found it impossible to give a proper education to his children for whom he could not afford to pay, but was obliged to send them to a free school, as payment was requested by the University.

Malta 1841 Appointed Medico dei Poveri of Cospicua.