Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Sandford McVittie
1816 – 1876

No 62 Staff Surgeon Sandford McVittie Lloyd

MRCS (Eng 1839) MD (Glas 1847)

27 May 1816 – 8 May 1876 [Halifax Nova Scotia]

Service Record

S McVittie Lloyd
Surgeon Major Sandford McVittie Lloyd (Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS Archives)

5 Mar 1841 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

9 Apr 1841 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot on the death of Assistant Surgeon Kenneth McCaskill at Hazarabaugh, East Indies on 18 Jan 1841. The subsequent vacancy on the Staff was filled by the commissioning of Gentleman William Arden.

13 July 1847 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon, vice Staff Assistant Surgeon George Williamson MD, promoted Staff Surgeon 2nd Class vice Staff Surgeon 2nd Class William Ord Mackenzie, who became surgeon 5th Foot vice Surgeon Duncan Henderson who retired upon half-pay.

1847 Served at Chatham.

1848 At the Isle of Wight.

1848–1849 To the West Indies from the Isle of Wight.

22 Dec 1848 Promoted Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.

1850 At Cork, Ireland.

8 Oct 1850 Surgeon Royal Newfoundland Companies. The Royal Newfoundland Companies formed the Imperial Garrison in St John's Newfoundland from 1824 to 1862.

1 May 1855 Promoted Surgeon Staff of the 2nd Class vice Surgeon John Hartley Sinclair who retired upon half-pay.

Malta 18 May 1855 At Malta as Surgeon Staff 2nd Class.

Malta 2 May 1856 Left Malta.

1856–1858 At Athlone, Ireland.

1859 At Aberdeen.

1 Jan 1860 Reduced to half-Pay. Worked at the Military Prison, Fort Clarence.

29 Jan 1861 Recalled from half-Pay. Appointed Staff Surgeon vice Staff Surgeon 2nd Class John Hoffman who died at Barbados on 21 Oct 1860.

1861 At Chatham.

4 June 1861 Exchanged with Surgeon John Hendley 2nd/2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot.

2 Apr 1862 Having completed a period of 20 years full-pay service was promoted Surgeon-Major 2nd Foot, under the provisions of the Royal Warrant of 1 Oct 1858.

9 Dec 1862 Promoted Staff Surgeon Major.

1863–1866 Served in Canada.

1867 At Leeds.

1868 At York.

1868–1870 Served in Canada.

28 Aug 1869 His eldest daughter Mary Rachel, born on 29 Dec 1859 at Aberdeen Scotland, died at Quebec. She was buried at St Peter's cemetery Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke County, Quebec.

30 June 1870 Promoted Deputy Surgeon General.

1870–1871 At Curragh Co. Kildare.

1871–1876 Served in Canada.

8 May 1876 Died at Halifax Nova Scotia.