Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Montagu Martin
1790 – 1868

Assistant Inspector of Hospitals Montagu Martin Mahony MD (Ed 1820)

21 Oct 1790 [Loughrea Galway] – 25 Jan 1868 [Chelsea]

Service Record

Montagu Martin Mahony
Inspector General Montagu Martin Mahony Half Pay Army Medical Department (RAMC/52/1)

29 Sep 1808 Assistant Surgeon 7th (Royal Fusiliers).

12 May 1809 Was present during the crossing of the River Douro at Oporto by the Duke of Wellington.

27–28 July 1809 Present at the Battle of Talavera. Served in the Peninsular War where he was taken prisoner by the French, and marched to Verdun. He returned to the Peninsula after being set free, and served there until July 1813.

3 June 1813 Surgeon the 7th (Royal Fusiliers).

1820 MD Edinburgh. His theses written in Latin was on syphilis. Dissertatio de syphilide, absque hydrargyro curanda, curationisque sequelis.

July 1825–Nov 1830 Surgeon to the Forces in the Ionian Islands and Malta.

Malta 1828 Surgeon 7th (Royal Fusiliers).

Malta July-12 Aug 1829 Absent on a visit to the continent.

20 Oct 1829 Embarked for England on urgent private affairs.

Malta July 1830 Leave expired. Listed as absent without leave from 25 Aug 1830.

11 Aug 1835 Staff Surgeon.

30 Aug 1839 Promoted Assistant Inspector of Hospitals vice AIH John Frederick Clarke, who was promoted DIGH on the retirement of DIGH John Arthur. On 17 Sep 1839, Surgeon Samuel Crosier Roe 38th Foot, filled the vacancy created on the Staff by the promotion of Mahony.

Malta 14 Nov 1839 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 1840 On garrison duty as Principal Medical Officer Malta Garrison.

Malta 10 Aug 1841 On garrison duty. Member of the Board of Health.

11 Aug 1841–12 Dec 1841 On home leave.

29 Oct 1841 Deputy Inspector General.

13 Dec 1841 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1842 On garrison duty. Member of the Board of Health.

Malta 1843 On garrison duty.

Malta 8 Nov 1844 On leave.

Malta 12 Mar 1845 Left Malta on leave for Syria. Placed in quarantine in Jan and Aug 1845.

Malta 17 Feb 1846 Left Malta for Gibraltar.

19 Jan 1849 Retired with rank of Inspector General.