Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Alexander Sheriff
1805 – 1875

Hospital Assistant Alexander Sheriff Macdonell

17 Mar 1805 – 24 Mar 1875 [Bath]

Service Record

15 Nov 1827 Hospital Assistant.

15 Nov 1827–17 Aug 1829 At Malta and Corfu. Arrived from Corfu in charge of invalids.

Malta 9 May 1829 Proceeded overland to England.

Malta 17 Aug 1829 Reduced to half-pay.

4 June 1830 Hospital Assistant Macdonell was restored to full-pay as a Hospital Assistant to the Forces.

29 July 1830 The Royal Warrant of 1830 abolished the rank of Hospital Assistant and replaced it with that of Staff Assistant Surgeon.

19 Nov 1830 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot vice Francis O'Brien appointed to staff on 26 Oct 1830.

2 Dec 1842 Promoted Surgeon 80th (Staffordshire Volunteers) Regiment vice Surgeon Robert Turnbull who died at Paramatta New South Wales on 3 June 1842. Assistant Surgeon James Grant 27th Foot moved to fill the vacancy in 28th Foot. Gentleman William Nelson Irwin was commissioned Assistant Surgeon vice Grant.

7 July 1848 Surgeon 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot.

28 Mar 1854 Staff Surgeon 1st Class.

1 Feb 1855 Deputy Inspector General.

30 Nov 1856 Reduced to half-pay.

16 Jan 1857 Restored to full-pay.

26 Apr 1859 Retired upon half-pay with Hon Rank of Inspector General. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Surgeon-Major George Clerihew, who was promoted Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals.