Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Ker
1753 – 1837

Assistant Inspector of Hospitals Charles Ker MD (Ed 1787)

? 1753 – 2 Oct 1837 [Gateshaw Roxburghshire]

Service Record

1 Jan 1776 Hospital Mate.

Oct 1776–Feb 1780 Served in the American War of Independence (1775–83).

27 June 1781 Surgeon 37th Regiment of Foot.

28 Nov 1787 Surgeon 75th (Highland) Regiment of Foot.

7 Feb 1798 Surgeon 72nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot.

30 Aug 1799 Assistant Inspector of Hospitals.

25 Dec 1799 Reduced to half-pay.

16 May 1800 Restored to full-pay.

Malta Dec 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

Malta Mar 1802 Left Malta.

21 Feb 1805–1807 Inspector of Hospitals in West Indies.

24 Feb 1810 One of the two Principal Inspector Generals of the Army Medical Department.

The Army Medical Board was dissolved in 1810, as a result of the criticism in the Fifth Report of the Committee of Military Enquiry 1808, over the medical failures at Walcheren. A new Board consisting of a Director General and two Principal Inspectors was constituted. Franklin William and Ker Charles were the two Principal Inspectors.

28 Dec 1815 Retired.

2 Oct 1837 Died at Gateshaw, Roxburghshire, in his eighty-fourth year.