Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Kennedy
? – 1827

Staff Assistant Surgeon James Kennedy MD (Ed 1813)

? – 28 Sep 1827 [West Indies]

Service Record

2 June 1814 Hospital Assistant.

22 June 1815 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Malta July 1819 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 1820 Staff Assistant Surgeon. Took over the care of 10th Regiment in the absence of the surgeon on sick leave.

In charge of the ophthalmia patients at the General Hospital up to 1 October 1820, when the patients came under the care of Deputy Inspector of Hospitals John Hennen.

Malta 1821 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Jan–June 1822 Officer in charge of the Ophthalmia Hospital in the General Hospital Valletta. Kennedy had treated 133 patients in the first half of 1822.

23 Feb 1822 Produced a report of the military quarters and station at Rabat Gozo and Fort Chambray in preparation for the establishment of a depôt for the sick of the Mediterranean station.

June 1822 In June he was placed under orders for service elsewhere, and handed over the supervision of the ophthalmia hospital to Surgeon to the Forces James Dillon Tully. Assisted in the office of the deputy inspector during the serious illness of the inspector's clerk Brandon John.

Malta Dec 1822 Left for the Ionian Islands.

28 Sep 1827 Died at Jamaica.