Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William James Ingham
1827 – 1884

No 260 Surgeon William James Ingham LRCSI (1850)

24 May 1827 (Belturbet Co. Cavan) – 23 May 1884

Assistant Surgeon William James Ingham served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny in 1857–1858 with the 52nd Light Infantry. He saw action against the Sealkote mutineers at Trimmos Ghat, Goorsdaspore on the 12th and 16th July 1858 and at the siege and capture of Delhi. He received the Indian Mutiny Medal with clasp.

Surgeon William James Ingham also served in the South African War and the Zulu Campaign of 1879.

He was censured by the Director General for carelessly signing the attestation certificate of a recruit as fit for the service when he was manifestly unfit.

Service Record

9 May 1851 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1851–1855 In Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania).

9 Feb 1855 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 52nd (Oxfordshire Light Infantry) Regiment vice Assistant Surgeon Thomas William Fox who moved to 14 Light Dragoons vice Assistant Surgeon Robert Bridgeman Wigstrom, who died at Bombay on 8 September 1854.

1857 Served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny.

24 Aug 1858 Appointed Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class, vice Staff Surgeon Edward William Thomas Mandeville, who moved to 7th Foot. The vacancy in 52nd Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Alexander Thorburn McGowan.

1859 In Buttevant Co. Cork.

1860–1861 In Fermoy Co. Cork.

1862–1863 In Jamaica.

1864 In Honduras.

1865–1861 In Aldershot and Manchester.

1 Dec 1865 Surgeon 64th (2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 20 Feb 1867 Arrived from England.

Malta 12 July 1868 Returned to Engalnd on leave.

1 Oct 1868 Returned from leave.

31 July 1869 Exchanged with Surgeon Francis Odell 1st/17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot. Regimental medical officer 1st/17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot until November 1873, when he moved to 70th Brigade Depôt at Tralee Co Kerry.

Malta 22 Aug 1869 Left for England.

9 May 1871 Surgeon-Major 17th Regiment.

Nov 1873 Moved to 70th Brigade Depôt at Tralee Co Kerry.

1877 To the Cape.

1879 Served in the South African Campaign of 1879. He was Senior Surgeon Major in charge of the Field Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, Base of Operations Natal and Lower Tugela.

July 1879 Returned home from the Cape on the Orontes.

1879–1882 In Clonmel Co. Tipperary.

24 May 1882 Retired.