Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Donald Grant
1804 – ?

Hospital Assistant John Donald Grant

14 Feb 1804 [London] – ?

Service Record

29 Mar 1827 Hospital Assistant.

Malta 2 Oct 1827 Arrived from England in the Sara Ann transport.

Malta 24 Nov 1828 Embarked for Corfu in medical charge of detachments.
Returned to Malta on 12 Dec 1828.

Malta 20 Mar–30 Apr 1829 At Naples on leave.

Malta 29 July 1830 The Royal Warrant of 1830 abolished the rank of Hospital Assistant and replaced it with that of Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Malta 27 Apr 1831 Left for Corfu.

2 Nov 1832 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Rifle Brigade vice Assistant Surgeon Abraham James Nisbet Connel appointed to 15th Light Dragoons. Staff Assistant Surgeon George Clerihew MD, was newly commissioned to fill the vacancy on the Hospital Staff left by Grant.

3 May 1833 Appointed from the staff, Assistant Surgeon 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon Daniel Leonard who exchanged to staff.

3 Apr 1835 Assistant Surgeon 82nd (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) Regiment of Foot.

4 Mar 1836 Dismissed from the Service by sentence of a General Court Martial. The vacancy in 82nd Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Arthur Anderson.

30 Dec 1836 Reappointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff assistant surgeon J Morrison who became assistant surgeon 89th Foot vice assistant surgeon Hugh Orr 89th Foot.

26 Dec 1837 Assistant Surgeon Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies.

6 Sep 1839 Exchanged with Staff Assistant Surgeon William Sall.

13 Feb 1846 Assistant Surgeon 94th Regiment of Foot.

17 Aug 1846 Embarked for Calcutta with his regiment.

9 Mar 1847 Dismissed from the Service by sentence of a General Courts Martial.
He was found guilty of "behaviour unbecoming to an officer and a gentleman" for being drunk at the New Years' Eve ball at Government House, Calcutta, in Dec 1846. The vacancy in 94th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon John Clay Purves MD. The vacancy on the Hospital Staff created by the promotion of Purves was filled by Gentleman Thomas Washington Benjamin Buckler.