Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edward James
1827 – 1889

No 229 Surgeon General Edward James Franklyn

FRCS (Ed 1864) MD (St And 1872)

4 Sep 1827 [Miletown Isle of Sheppey] – 31 Jan 1889 [Ardrishaig Argyllshire]

Edward J Franklyn
Surgeon Edward James Franklyn RHA. (Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS Museum)

Surgeon General Edward James Franklyn entered the Army Medical Department in 1849. He served in the Eastern Campaign of 1854 – 1855 in medical charge of the 77th Regiment of Foot throughout all the various siege operations before Sebastopol. He was present at the cavalry action at Balaklava of 25 October 1854 and was placed in charge of the Russian wounded after the Battle of Inkerman. He was recommended for an honorary distinction by General John William Codrington. He received the Crimean Medal with two clasps, the Order of the Medjidieh of the 5th Class and the Turkish Medal.

In 1857, Surgeon Edward James Franklyn served in the Indian Mutiny with the column under Lt Col W. W. Turner 97th Foot at Sasseram and on the Grand Trunk Road at Bengal.

Surgeon General Edward James Franklyn died at Tighnacoille, Ardrishaig, Argyllshire on 31 January 1889, aged 61 years.

Service Record


19 Oct 1849 Assistant Surgeon Staff.

15 Feb 1850 Assistant Surgeon 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot.

24 Mar 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.
Served in the Crimean War. He was present at the Battle of Balaclava. Took charge of Russian soldiers wounded in the Battle of Inkerman.

15 May 1855 Promoted Surgeon 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot from Staff.

3 Jan 1857 Aged 29 years and four months married Agnes Sophia Maria Godet aged 22 years and 11 months at St Thomas Church Parish of Hackney County Middlesex.

2 Mar 1858 Awarded the Imperial Order of the Medjidie (5th Class) by the Sultan for his distinguished services before the enemy during the war against Russia.

31 Dec 1858 Surgeon 14th Light Dragoons.
Served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny.

17 June 1859 Exchanged with Surgeon William Arden 7th Dragoon Guards.

21 Nov 1865 Staff Surgeon.

1866 Staff Surgeon at Glasgow.

4 Dec 1866 Exchanged with Surgeon Ethelbert Henry Blake Royal Artillery.

1867–1871 Served with 1 Brigade Royal Artillery at Halifax Nova Scotia.

18 Sep 1869 Surgeon-Major Royal Artillery.

1871–1876 Served at Chatham and Woolwich Districts.

20 July 1876 Deputy Surgeon General.

1877–1880 Served with the Royal Horse Artillery at Aldershot.

20 Apr 1880 Served in Bombay.

1881–1881 Served in Meerut. Left for Belfast in December 1881.

20 Apr 1883 Promoted Surgeon General.

Malta 10 May 1883 Arrived from England.

Malta 8 Sep 1883 Left Malta on retirement.